Die EP


Unmystified Women / Best Intentions /  Miracle Cure / Paper Home / Steam Chamber / Monkey Circle

Produced by Bernhard Rupprecht and Skalar 

Recorded and mixed at Black Sheep, November 2015 – March 2016

Guests: Blind Joe Black (banjo on Paper Home / electric guitars on 'Monkey Circle', 'Steam Chamber' and 'Paper Home'), Niko (trumpets on 'Miracle Cure' and 'Best Intentions'), Jürgen Dahmen (e-piano on 'Steam Chamber' / organ on 'Paper Home' and 'Unmystified Woman'), Bernhard Rupprecht (creaking floor on 'Monkey Circle')

Artwork by Kelbassa & Kuhn

Released August 2016 @ lollipoppeshoppe

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